Car Charger Tracker LBS GPS With Voice Record Concox HVT001 Two USB Charge Port Mini Car GPS Locator & Hidden SOS Listen-in APP

    Car Charger Tracker LBS GPS With Voice Record Concox HVT001 Two USB Charge Port Mini Car GPS Locator & Hidden SOS Listen-in APP Specification & Description Summary

    Car Charger Tracker LBS GPS With Voice Record Concox HVT001 Two USB Charge Port Mini Car GPS Locator & Hidden SOS Listen-in APP Specification

    • Brand NameWeTrack
    • OriginCN(Origin)
    • CertificationCE
    • CertificationFCC

    1. Concox HVT001 Car GPS Charger GPS locator with Voice recording and WIFI

    The HVT001 is a discreet car GPS tracker cleverly integrated into a cigarette lighter style USB charger. This plug-and-play tracker installs quickly in virtually any vehicle, providing real-time GPS location, Voice recording, audio monitoring of the surrounding environment, and more. This inconspicuous and unobtrusive tracker is ideal for both fleet management and individual application.GPS & LBS positioningEmergency SOS buttonEmbedded mic for audio monitoringDual charging portUnplug alertACC detection- ignition status

    2. Voice Recording

    After send the command “LY,A#” A=Recording time 10~600s,unit:second;default:120 to our HVT001, the device will reply “OK” and the voice will be record and keep in the APP. The record file with every 10 seconds to our Tracksolid platform.

    3. Compatible With Most Vehicle

    With the built-in switching power supply, our HVT001 Car Charger GPS tracker supports wide voltage input range: 9-15VDC.

    4.Why Choose Jimi HVT001

    1)Not Easy To Identify

    Our HVT001 uses a metal elastic contact design - more elastic, more stable. It have small size, convenient to use. Adapter for most kinds of cars in the market. Do not worry about being discovered.

    2)Free Installation

    In the GPS Tracker market, most vehicle GPS tracker need very tedious installation. But our HVT001 do not need any complex installation. After you inserting the device into the car cigarette lighter, you can use it very happily.

    3)Powered Without Charger

    Our HVT001 by adopting ultra-low power consumption - battery power supply. The battery power consumption is negligible and will not damage the battery, let you get rid of the daily charge repeatedly.

    4)Mediatek Intelligence Chipset

    Smart chip MTK2503AV/B automatically distributes power. The smart car charging chip can automatically recognize devices. It provides a safe charging environment the same as the original one. The accuracy of positioning is greatly increased.

    5)Car Charger & GPS Tracker

    Our HVT001 is not only a cute and lovely car charger, but also a inconspicuous GPS tracker. It have ultra compact and stylish design,perfectly fit in car cigarette light slot.Sleek and light weight, simplise your car interior space,little is better.

    6)GPS+LBS Double Positioning

    Our HVT001 support both GPS and LBS positioning,GPS is for outdoor positioning. LBS is for indoor positioning. The GPS position accuracy is less than 10m, and the LBS position accuracy is less than 500m.

    7)ACC Detection for ignition stat

    Our HVT001 support engine running / stop signed detection, let you be ware of the ignition status. If someone starts your car without your permission, you can get an immediate warning.

    8)Voice Recording +Monitoring

    After send the command “Monitor” to our HVT001, the device will reply “OK” and call the SOS number. After the call connected, the SOS number can hear the sound around the device. Our HVT001 will not make any noise during the monitoring process.

    9)Low Battery Alarm

    When the battery of our HVT001 is less than 10%, it will send SMS:“ Warning! battery is low, please charge in time! ”to SOS numbers. When the battery is less than 1%,it will send SMS:“Warning! battery is too low, power off automatically”.

    10)SOS Emergency calling

    In emergency case, we can press SOS button for 3 seconds to activate SOS alarm. Then the device will send SOS SMS to preset specific numbers and then dial the numbers in circles until call answers.

    11)Over Speed Alarm

    When the car is moving over a limited speed in average in a limited time period, the device will send over speed alarm SMS to user. In this way, we can pay attention to the use of the car and avoid the unexpected accident.

    5. HVT001 Product Specification

    6. FAQ for our HVT001 Car Charger GPS Tracker

    Q: Is it support 3G/4G SIM card?A: Our HVT001 is 2G GSM gps tracker only support 2G SIM card, if want 3G tracker plz buy our GV20/ GT06E wired gps tracker or AT6 3g assets tracker at: Does it have voice monitoring and record the voice inside the car?A: Yes our HVT001 with voice recording and voice monioting . Recording command: LY,A# (A=Recording time 10~600s,unit:second;default:120) Voice Monitor send SMS or platform command: MONITOR#Q: Is it have WIFI function?A: Yes it have, can use WIFI position in some country which WIFI data collected good in our data base.Mainly with GPS+LBS position.Q: What should I do if can not activate it?A: Please make sure you input a 2G SIM card with enough data and credit and send SMS command of: STATUS# and GPRSSET# forward the reply to us. Sometimes the APN need to set by hand, ( APN, apnname#ORAPN, apnname,user,pwd#) but most time will read automatically and if use other tracking platform, make sure the server command is correct.

    6. Smart & Professional Tracking Platform -Tracksolid

    1) Real-time TrackingOn the monitor, we can grasp the current situation of the device in real time location.We can also see the Device name, Telephone, IMEI number, Location time.Show Street map, Satellite imagery, Ranging, Regional vehicle routing. 2) History Route Playback We can view the history route of our device up to 6 months when we playback. Help us change our lifestyle about driving habits, fuel saving, environment friendly. Easily grasp where the vehicle has been there.3) Safety Boundaries Geo-fenceWe can set up a geofence for the tracker device to restrict its movements within a district. The unit will send SMS to the authorized numbers when it goes out of this district.

    7. Our APP-Tracksolid

    1). Tracksolid Download

    Firstly, We can Scan the QR Code to Download APP Tracksolid ( You can also find key words in the Google play or Apple store)

    2). Home page

    Secondly, We can sign up the account (Sign up with your email, find the verification code in your email)Thirdly, We can Login the account.Fourthly, Bind the device IMEI (We can click "+" to scan the device or manually enter the IMEI number)Finally, You are the best one. You can use it happily.

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    Car Charger Tracker LBS GPS With Voice Record Concox HVT001 Two USB Charge Port Mini Car GPS Locator & Hidden SOS Listen-in APP

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